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I make photographs, create websites for small businesses and individuals and still dabble in computers, having spent over 25 years in that field. I am based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Creativity and curiosity take me into new areas all the time. I like to use my skills to enhance the lives and businesses of those I support.

[camera] With my photography, I am drawn to landscapes, fine arts and pushing the creative edge. With digital my two main areas of interest - computers and photography - joined up. I have photographed many weddings, portraits, groups, special occasions, events, concerts, etc. Think of a category - it is likely I've taken photos of that.
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[design] In the design arena I have made many websites, most often doing the icons, artwork, any photography and writing copy too. I do not use 'frameworks' in making websites, I hand-code them! The resulting websites are very fast, and relatively easy to maintain. My creative side goes beyond websites and photography, across to programming philosophy and daily life.
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[computer] For computing, I prefer to run Linux. This draws on my 25 years of work experience with databases of various sizes and complexity, creating and managing critical 'backroom' systems, and prototyping business solutions - on many flavours of Unix and later, Linux.
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If you are visiting to find out about my photography used as wallpapers in Linux Mint? Just click here.