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Portraiture, passports, groups, weddings, special events, studio, outdoors. Been there, shot that. With any special occasion it is good to involve the photographer (and other providers) in your process and planning earlier rather than later. With events and weddings I ask 50% non-refundable deposit at booking and the balance on the day (or before).

One thing to note: the quality of the photos is proportional to the effort you put in (not just me). Those awesome photos you saw online - the people took the time: (i) to brief the photographer; (ii) to allocate time and effort to create great photographs. Too often a rush job with no briefing results in stress and maybe good but not superb images.

There is nothing like a great photo of yourself. I've had many people say to me they "don't photograph well" only to later remark that they "this is the best photo of me, ever". You can even look good in your passport photo! As always my prices are reasonable - and no 'voucher' traps or 'packages' loaded up with unwanted items.

To discuss your photographic needs, contact me.

The most recent photos are at the top, oldest at the end. Those shown here are a small sample just to illustrate. I don't splash client images all over the net and especially not on social media due to privacy concerns for your privacy.