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[camera] Photography

I love macro, landscapes, and explore many other facets of photography. Events, weddings, portraiture, groups, portfolios, architecture, product .. you get the idea. Been there, shot that.
My rates are very reasonable. I don't like a menu type pricelist as each job is unique. I do like to get paid though - see the faq about freebies. If people don't pay, they don't value the effort or time. And you may have noticed, photographic kit isn't exactly cheap.
One thing you will notice here - I do not go posting photographs of people apart from the portraits etc page, I value your privacy!

You can get an idea of my work in the gallery pages:

I fill a DVD (sometimes 2 or more) per month with photos. Obviously only a very tiny sampling of all that ever ends up online.

I avoid posting on Social Media and the 'popular' websites. I recently checked out over a dozen of the best photo-sharing websites. It all boils down to the wording in their user agreements - who owns the images and what control / rights do you retain. Most websites run roughshod over your rights, offering sweet convenience while stealing you blind.